Buy WinOls Reseller Credits

Most of our WinOls database files are priced very competitively at 1 credit each! This mean's to buy a proven and tested file from us will cost you no more than £20! Cheaper than anyone else on the database!! You have to have a genuine WinOls and reseller active to be able to use the feature the cost of which will be very expensive! £2500 basically for the added extras, so.....i offer another solution which is to join our WinOls account and reap the benefits of what ive already paid for, this means your own fully licenced WinOls with all options already bought and paid for, plus you would have instant access to our database of tuning files along with the rest of the worlds files! Solutions like DPF and EGR are 1 click away 24/7! A WinOls Licence is £600inc the cheapest and easiest option to get into the tuning business!

So buy a WinOls Licence for £600 for 1xPC below

We also have for sale over 250 .IND files foe ECM Titanium
This will be updated monthly as the more vehicles we do the number will grow,
ECM works similar to WinOls regards if you have done one type ECU tune prior, summary increases will instanstly add those increases to your new file!
No need to write the file multiple times!
WinOls uses 'Skripts' but ECM uses Summary increases!
So at present we have a little over 250 .ind files for sale at £100!
Thats less than .50p per tune!